Von Röök, Sofie LU ; Arfwidson, Sofie and Arfwidson von Röök, Sofie(2016) KOVK02 20152
Division of Art History and Visual StudiesMark

This bachelor thesis concerns the Swedish artist Maria Röhl (1801-1875). She had her peak in the 1840ties as the favorite portrait artist of the Swedish bourgeoisie and nobility.
The questions I put forward in the thesis are focused on facial- and hand features in her drawings. From where do they originate? Does it have an origin in fashion, society or in con- temporary scientific views? The research is conducted by looking at the body of portraits against the background of writings by Mary Wollstonecraft, Cecilia Brown, Solfrid Söderlind and Eva Sandstedt Lindqvist. Fashion magazines from the 19th century form an important visual source in the comparisons I make. My primary source is Kungliga Biblioteket in Stockholm and its big collection of portrait drawings by Maria Röhl.